NOT in Praise of 'Rabbit Holes' or 'Weeds' :

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Rob Cummins
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NOT in Praise of 'Rabbit Holes' or 'Weeds' :


"Not every tangent we think about is worth exploring. Not every idea that pops up is worth considering. Not every nuance needs to be given its time."

"If you’re looking for a way to add instant value in your agency or department, look for something to simplify."

"Working backward from the big picture means you start with your objectives. What results do you want for yourself and what results do you want for the audience? How do you want them to feel at the end of your presentation?"

"I was really surprised to see how many philosophers disagreed with some of my veiws, so I decided to read up on some philosophers who disagreed with me. This turned out to just be exetremely frustrating. I don't have a problem with disagreeing with people or changing my veiws, what bothers me is just how much philosophers tend to disagree on everything. It's very hard to me now to really know where I stand on any philosophical issue. It doesn't make me feel good, like reading philosophy used to make me feel, it just makes me feel frustrated and full of uncertainty. I read about philosophy because I want to have a good idea about how I am supposed to live my life, what reality is like, and what I should value. I don't read it to be confused and frustrated."

(I think experienced members let last month's speaker down.  Members repeatedly plunged the group into rabbit holes.  There was a lack of balance between presentation and discussion.  As a result, prospective new participants were let down.  Half a dozen attendees walked out the door before the end. This forum is the ideal place to explore rabbit holes more fully.  There is only an hour and a half at the meetings.)