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Plato's Closet purchases and sells used brand name children's and teenagers' brand name clothes, shoes, and paraphernalia.  It focuses on clothes for people ages 12 to 24.

The first Plato's Closet store was opened in Columbus, Ohio by founders Lynn and Dennis Blum. They turned to their teenage son to help create the name for the business. While doing research for a school project, the Blums' son gained much knowledge and respect for the pioneering Greek philosopher, Plato. His theories of reusing and preservation appeared to be a good parallel to his parents' unique idea of recycling. Closet was a natural fit as it relates perfectly to every teen's room and their craze for clothing.

In 18 years, Plato’s Closet grew from just four stores in Ohio to more than 470 locations throughout North America.

https://symposiumcafe.com/ (The School of Athens)

The Argo brothers were 16 years into previous careers before opening their first Symposium location. Bill had worked in finance, Terry in operations, so their skills came in handy. Plus their dad had owned a full service restaurant in Toronto since the 1950s, so they knew the industry.

They went in a slightly different direction than their dad, though, launching Symposium as a dessert café.  That was the hot trend back then, with places like Just Desserts and Coffee, Tea or Me having success, says Bill. But we tried to be a little different and wanted a concept with this specific piece of art by Raphael at the core (The School of Athens). It shows ideas being exchanged in a town square, and we went with this idea of people coming in to exchange ideas, have conversations, in a modern-day setting.

(The School of Athens is a figment of the painter's (Raphael) imagination. The painting depicts the greatest scientists, mathematicians and philosophers from classical antiquity. Although the individuals mostly lived at different times, they are all seen together in the painting.)

This ONTARIO company with 28 locations today, has the goal of having 60 stores within five years.

Rob Cummins

Rob Cummins
Joined: 03/10/2019 - 12:33
3 Philosophers Set up a Booth

3 Philosophers Set up a Booth on a NYC street !

This was part of the latest public outreach effort by the American Philosophical Association, which was having its annual January meeting up the street.

Here’s What People Asked:


...my time was up. Back to the conference to face some easier questions...